Linear Accelerated Deionized Water

Changing the World with Affordable Clean Water

Our Mission

Water is an essential constituent of life. Everywhere on the planet, industrial growth and economic prosperity depend on the ability to purify water in high volumes. The world is increasingly turning to desalination methods to meet this need.

We have a solution.



Reverse Osmosis(RO) is the current leading method for desalination. It is highly energy intensive and expensive.

This needs to change.

Cost Reduction

  • 90% Energy Savings
  • 90% Chemical Savings
  • 40% Wastewater Savings
  • 50% Labor Savings
  • Value

  • Process water and fluids RO cannot
  • 1 Year payback on equipment investment
  • Markets

  • Residential
  • Low Volume Industrial
  • Low-Medium Volume Industrial and Commercial
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